Scrummy Pineapple, Chicken and King Prawns Fried Rice

Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 15 minutes Pineapple in fried rice? Ermm…one will find it weird to have fruits in savoury dishes. I know my hubby would. Back in Malaysia we do have few dishes where we put fruits in soups or gravy, but not in rice, at least not to my recollection. My […]

Japanese Chicken Karaage Curry

Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 25 minutes Curry…who does not love curry? Having grown up in Malaysia, curry has become part of my life. The variation of curries available for you is unbelievable – from the Indian curries to the Malay curries. Now that I have spent quiet a number of years away from […]

Beautiful Penne with Chicken and Cheese

Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes This delicious pasta dish was inspired by a famous Italian chef, Gino D’acampo. I have never tried chicken in pasta before and found it quite interesting. This pasta dish is really refreshing and tasty. I tried the dish with one small twist…chilli :). You can omit the […]

Khoresht/Chicken Fesenjān

Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour Couple of months back I tried cooking the Persian Lamb Stew also known as Fesenjān. As I understood it, Fesenjān is traditionally prepared using chicken. So this time around, I tried experimenting this dish using chicken instead. This is famously known by the name Khoresht Fesenjān. Ingredients: […]

Quick Grilled Chicken Nando’s Style

This dish is courtesy of my beloved hubby. He prepared this delicious juicy grilled chicken Nando’s style as our Sunday roast months ago. It was so delicious that I had to seek his permission to put it on my blog. He approved it – but it took me ages to finally add it to my […]

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